David Cameron’s parliamentary pass ‘expires’

David Cameron at his last Prime Minister's Questions in 2016Image copyright AFP

There are 416 names on the most recent list of ex-MPs who have parliamentary passes giving them special access to the Palace of Westminster.

The list is similar to the previous version but with one notable change – David Cameron is no longer on it.

The former prime minister, who is said to harbour ambitions of a political comeback, is no longer a pass holder.

The Daily Mail suggested Mr Cameron’s office had expected the Commons authorities to remind him to renew it.

Former MPs are entitled to passes giving them privileged access to the parliamentary estate and its subsidised facilities – but only if they apply for them.

Names on the most recent list, which was published in October, include George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Ken Livingstone and Alex Salmond.

Former cabinet ministers Chris Huhne and Jonathan Aitken, who both served time in prison, are also included.

But while Mr Cameron’s name appeared on June’s list, it is missing from the October edition.

The BBC understands that Mr Cameron’s name is also absent from an updated version of the list due to be released later this month, although there is still time for him to reapply if he wants.

The Daily Mail, which first reported the story, said it understood Mr Cameron’s team expected parliamentary officials to contact them when the pass needed renewing.

Mr Cameron quit as an MP after leaving Downing Street in the wake of the 2016 Brexit referendum vote.

He has largely kept a low profile in the two-and-half years since then, although last month he took to Twitter to urge Tory MPs to back Theresa May in a vote of confidence in her leadership.

Downing Street has dismissed claims that Mr Cameron was “advising” his successor after it emerged the two exchanged texts on the day Mrs May finalised the UK’s Brexit deal with the EU.

In November, there were unconfirmed reports that he was keen on a return to front-line politics and was eyeing up the post of foreign secretary, a career move once made by Alec Douglas-Home after he left No 10.


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